Share your voice

You have unique experiences and hearing those different perspectives makes our Party stronger. We encourage you to find a way to be heard – and help move our community forward!

Write a letter

Letters to the editor are great, but the newspaper isn’t the only place you can share your opinion (but please do share yours with the paper!). What else can you do with the letters you write?

  • Draft a quick thank you note when you hear someone say or do something that stands out. Whether it’s a DJ on the local radio or a someone at a store, positive feedback is always appreciated!
  • Write a public comment to a government body – from city council to the legislature, written comments make a difference! Also look out for comment opportunities ahead of policy decisions, like land use planning or environmental regulation changes.
  • Write a letter to a community leader or organization who you think can (or should) make an impact. Sometimes it takes hearing from others for someone to speak up themselves.
  • Write for us! We love getting help writing blog articles for the website here. We’re always looking for smart, topical pieces to share with our members.

Make calls

You’ve probably heard someone urge you to call your congressman – do it! Those calls really do make an impact. But don’t stop there!

  • Imagine if you could get the mayor or the Chamber of Commerce to call your congressman too? Make calls to the people you know in the community who can have influence. Ask them to make a call too.
  • Make calls to get out the vote. It’s not for everyone, but research shows that people are more likely to follow through with voting when a real person makes contact with them.

Endorse a candidate

How do you learn to trust a candidate you’re not familiar with? Often, seeing that someone you know likes them helps!

  • Endorse a candidate personally and add your name to their list of endorsements.
  • Encourage other groups you volunteer with to consider endorsing candidates if they are able to.
  • Be seen. Show off your campaign swag – buttons, stickers, yard signs, t-shirts.

Use your creativity

Voter engagement works so much better when you have original, unique, and interesting things to share. Some campaigns may even be able to pay for your creative products!

  • We are looking for event photographers. From regular meetings to campaign events – or even just stock images to accompany social media posts, everyone needs a good image.
  • Good graphic design helps candidates with the first impression problem. Good looking materials inspire trust and confidence. And good candidates aren’t always good designers. Give them a hand if you can.

Share your expertise

Are you a subject matter expert? Do you have experience on a certain issue? The Deschutes Dems are always looking for voices to help us better understand the issues. Campaigns also sometimes appreciate issue advisors or researchers.

  • Provide research and analytical support. Candidates need help crunching the numbers and processing complex information. You can help, whether it’s professional level analysis or just data entry support. Every bit helps.
  • Join an advisory group – whether veterans or business or a host of other issues, your unique experience can ensure that a group’s voice is represented.