Deschutes County will hold an election for several influential positions on May 16th, 2017.

For more general information on voting in Deschutes County, visit the Deschutes County Clerk. The Secretary of State is informative as well. All information on these pages (except for the candidate info) is from these two sources.


The Deschutes Democrats Have Issued Endorsements

Though the positions on the ballot in May are nonpartisan, they are nonetheless of significant importance to our community. Precinct Committee Persons – or PCPs, the voting body of our party – came together and voted to endorse the candidates you find on this page after careful consideration. We are excited to support such a strong crop of candidates and look forward to positive change in the community.


First, the contested races…

Erica Skatvold for COCC District Director, Zone 4

Erica Skatvold feels strongly that “Central Oregon public schools and COCC contributed to my success in life.” Growing up in Bend, Erica was a competitive ski racier for MBSEF and Bend High, and participated in the dual credit courses at Central Oregon Community College. Erica knows how essential programs at COCC can create opportunities for the advancement of local students

Erica now works in the field of Clinical Informatics for St Charles Medical Center, holds a Master of Public Policy degree from the University of Chicago, and if elected plans to collaborate with the COCC Board, staff, students, partner schools, and our community to increase affordable and relevant program options. Erica would bring a unique new perspective to the Board, with her healthcare background and working for Central Oregon’s largest employer, St. Charles. Her vision is to increase partnerships with local businesses and organizations, prioritize professional development programs, expand night and weekend courses for working students and parents, while focusing on college affordability and fiscal responsibility.

She is endorsed by District Attorney John Hummel, COCC Board Member John Mundy, Bend City Councilor Nathan K. Boddie, Bend City Councilor Barb Campbell, Dr. Rod Ray, Local Registered Nurse Alise Dutra and the Bend Bulletin.

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Carrie Douglass for Bend La-Pine School Board, Zone 7

Carrie Douglass is uniquely qualified to for Bend-La Pine School Board. She has dedicated her entire career to supporting kids and teachers to improve public education. After graduating with her bachelors in education, Carrie worked as a teacher, school administrator, school system HR head, education philanthropist, and national education nonprofit leader.

Carrie’s extensive education experience, is a critical and missing perspective on the School Board.

Carrie has a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), is experienced managing multi-million dollar budgets, and running her own small business and foundation in Bend. She has the skills and expertise needed to help manage a large School Bond and complex budget on behalf of taxpayers.

She was born and raised in Bend and is deeply committed to this community. Carrie feels that “Bend-La Pine is a special place with dedicated teachers, a strong superintendent and board, and a supportive community. But as our community grows and national and state policy and politics change, we’re entering a period with many major decisions on the horizon.” Carrie will ask the right questions on: How do we manage growth? How do we improve graduation rates? How do we close the achievement gap between students from different economic backgrounds? How do we help teachers and schools innovate to better meet the needs of today’s students and tomorrow’s economy?

Carrie is endorsed by Sally Russell Bend City Council, John Hummel District Attorney, Bend Education Association, Oregon Education Association, Moe Carrick Lead Organizer TedxBend, Teague Hatfield Footzone owner, Luis De La Fuente National Education Leader and Parent and many more community leaders.

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Angela Chisum for Bend La-Pine School Board, Zone 1

Angela is a proud Bend resident for the past 13 years. She enjoys all this area has to offer: hiking, snowboarding, kayaking and camping with her husband, kids and their rescue dog, Molly. Her two children are in the Bend-La Pine schools and she believes in public education. As a classroom volunteer, a substitute educational assistant and a small business owner, she wants to be an advocate for every student. She was on the Highland Elementary PTO Board as The Giving Campaign Coordinator and recently was able to help create their Lego Robotics program. It is her frequency in the classroom, that gives her a greater understanding of what it is like for our teachers and administrators on a day-to-day basis.

She wants to serve on the Bend-La Pine School Board because she is truly passionate about education. Angela believes  “education is the great equalizer and our best hope to break the poverty cycle”. She believes that each child deserves access to every educational opportunity we can provide regardless of their address, economic background, gender, or ethnicity.

Now is the time to Vote for Change. Angela brings a new, fresh perspective from her experience in the classroom: “We need to refocus, and come up with creative solutions that are not on the backs of our already burdened teachers and staff.”

Angela is endorsed by Bend Education Association, Oregon Education Association, John Hummel, Deschutes County District Attorney, Nathan K. Boddie, Councilor, City of Bend, Dale Largent, Music Educator, Cheri Skillings, Child and Family Therapist, Shalea Zepeda, School Psychologist and Parent and a growing list of parents and teachers on her website.

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We also endorse:

Stuart Young for Bend La-Pine School Board, Zone 4

Ted Schoenborn for Bend Parks & Recreation Board, Position 4

Erin Pryor for Deschutes Public Library Board, Zone 3

Alan Unger for COCC District Director, Zone 3

Julie Craig for Bend La-Pine School Board, Zone 4

Nathan Hovekamp for Bend Parks & Recreation Board, Position 3

Yes on Bend La-Pine Schools Bond Measure 9-114

Bonds for new schools, safety improvements, classroom renovations, and preservation.