Redistricting 2021: Meet your new voting districts!

The Oregon State Legislature adopted new voting maps on September 27th after a months long redistricting process.

Check out the new districts on the map below

These maps go into effect for the May 2022 Primaries and November 2022 General Election. For example, if you live in Bend, your new congressional district on the May ballot will be OR-05 and Kurt Schrader will be the incumbent on the ballot (if he runs for reelection). However, you will still be represented by OR-02 (Cliff Bentz) until January 2023 when the general election winners are sworn in.

Toggle the different maps by clicking this icon at the top left of the map area. Then choose Congress, Senate, or House.

View this map in a new window.

Note: House districts have been simplified for compatibility with Google Maps. This may affect you if you live near the HD boundary. Check out the official Oregon redistricting page for the most accurate map.

New precincts come later

The legislature adopted the new voting districts and the governor signed them into law, but what about smaller precincts and local units like school districts? Those will be drawn by county officials using the same Census information used by the state. We had to wait for the state voting lines to be drawn before local precincts and districts can be determined. More soon!

Of course, you can still become a Precinct Committee Person (PCP) with the Deschutes Democrats at any time! Sign up here.