Become a Committee Person​

Precinct Committee Persons, or PCPs, are the lifeblood of the party.

There is no formal obligation on PCPs beyond residency and party affiliation – however, they are often the folks who get things done for the party. Only PCPs may vote on party agenda items. They can be either elected or appointed and serve up to two years, until the next election – or until they move away from their precinct.

Elected PCPs may vote for party leadership during a biennial party reorganization. Appointed PCPs may vote on practically everything else.

Find your precinct here and contact us if you’d like to meet your neighborhood PCPs!

Become an appointed PCP at our next monthly meeting!

The Party can appoint new PCPs by a vote of existing PCPs at any meeting.

If you’d like to formally join us as a voting PCP, please complete the PCP Appointment Form below and bring it with you to our next monthly meeting (2nd Thursday) where you’ll be asked to introduce yourself and then we’ll vote to appoint you. Easy!

Don’t worry if you don’t know your precinct number. We can look that up for you.

This form must be submitted to the party chair and PCPs must hold a vote at a scheduled meeting to appoint you. Please do not submit this form directly to the County Clerk.

The next election for PCPs is 2024

New PCPs were elected in May 2022. The next election will be in 2024. But you can become an appointed PCP at any time! (see above)