Working Groups

Contact us if you’re interested in sharing your expertise on a team. These are also a great way to learn an issue and gain experience, so don’t be shy!


Also known as the Walden group. This group is tracking, analyzing and responding to Greg Walden’s events, legislative actions, statements and claims, associations, finances, and more. It is also laying the groundwork for his challenger in 2018 and working with other groups doing the same in CD-2.

Local Politics

We want a team that monitors all the goings on of local government, whether city, county, parks, school board, on down to sewer commission. We’ll also keep an eye on seats to fill and make sure smart, well-qualified folks are able to step forward, well-versed in the issues. This is our home. We want to be engaged and effective – this group will make sure that we are.

Media & Messaging

Want to write articles for our website here? That’s part of what this group does! Further, this group monitors what goes on more broadly in the community. We want folks paying attention to all parts of the county, not just Bend. More importantly, this group will build professional relationships that help us get our message out quickly when news happens.

Issues & Training

This is the events committee. We need folks who can help us find and book venues; folks who can plan events, book talent, and all that goes into event planning. The goal is to hold community events where we can discuss issues – that could mean guest speakers, panel discussions, seminars, mini-expos, and more. We also want folks who can help develop and deliver training plans to strengthen our members’ skills, whether in using tech or effectively engaging elected officials and government agencies.