Researching legislation

OLIS – the Oregon Legislative Information System
Look up bill text, sponsors, committee referrals, and more.

Capitol e-Subscribe
Track legislation during session with email alerts.

Video of legislative hearings
Sometimes the best way to keep up with what’s happening is to listen in on the committee and chamber hearings. Video will be live when in session and archived for later viewing.

Legislative information
Find out who’s on which committee, when committees regularly meet, the overall session calendar, administrative resources, and more here. This all changes from year to year.

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS)
Oregon’s laws are contained in the Revised Statutes. Find any law here. But, since, the legislature’s website is horrible and our system is weird, you’ll also have to check here for any updates since the last ORS edition was published… because the ORS can only be published every two years, even electronically (ugh).

Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs)
Laws aren’t the only things that govern how we do things. Sometimes when lobbying its essential to understand how administrative rules impact a policy; other times an outcome can be achieved by pursuing new OARs instead of legislation.

Legislative Policy and Research Office
If you’re familiar with the CBO in Congress, this office fills a similar role in providing neutral background and analysis to inform legislators’ decisions. Also find bill summaries, issue briefings, and research on special topics here.

Legislative Fiscal Office
The biggest piece of legislation is always the budget. This office is similar to the LPRO above, but focuses on budget issues and prepares fiscal impact statements for bills.