Be a Neighborhood Leader​

If you are already in the Neighborhood Leader program, please log in to your dashboard at

The Neighborhood Leader Program is creating a grassroots network one neighbor at a time. We hope you will join us.

The program is simple:

  • Talk to registered Democrats (Democrats only) in your neighborhood – about 35 homes right around your house.
  • Talking to your neighbors is the best way to turn out voters. Nothing else is even close. For example, we had 87% turnout in our neighborhoods last November.
  • Knock on doors of your neighbors near election time, pass out campaign literature, and encourage them to vote. If they are not home, you can try again at your leisure.
  • Grassroots work translates into winning elections.

Please contact Jon Davidson to ask questions or to get started. Thank you for your support!

Jonathan Davidson
Neighborhood Leadership Program Director
Deschutes Democrats
(541) 480-9110