Election Day is May 18

Work doesn't stop with the presidential election. Get involved today!

Here's what's on the upcoming ballot:

Each board will have multiple seats on the ballot. Some, like COCC, will only let you vote for the board member in the “zone” where you live. For others, like BLPS, the zone only applies to the candidate who must live in the zone and voters can vote on candidates in all zones.

These are the candidates endorsed by the Deschutes Democrats by a vote of our Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs).

Bend La Pine School Board

Zone 1: Carrie McPherson Douglass
Zone 2: Marcus LeGrand
Zone 4: Shirley Olson
Zone 7: Janet Sarai Llerandi

Bend Metro Park & Recreation District

Position 3: Nathan Hovekamp
Position 4: Zavier Borja
Position 5: Deb Schoen

Central Oregon Community College

Zone 3: Alan Unger
Zone 4: Erica Skatvold

Deschutes Public Library District

Redmond School District J2

Redmond Area Park & Recreation District

La Pine Park & Recreation District

Sisters School District 6

Sisters Park & Recreation District

Congratulations to the newly elected leadership team!

The Deschutes Democrats held our reorganization meeting on January 14th. Meet the new officials who were selected by party members here. They will serve a two-year term.

A Resolution of the Deschutes County Democratic Central Committee

Members of Congress Who Violate Their Constitutional Oath

  1. WHEREAS members of the United States House of Representatives take an oath that says they “do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”, and
  2. WHEREAS the oath of office a Representative takes is not to be taken lightly and supersedes any loyalty to an individual or Party, regardless of position or office, and
  3. WHEREAS Representative Cliff Bentz of Oregon’s Second District violated his oath and the basic principles of states’ supremacy in voting matters, and hence the principles of the US Constitution Article II & Amendment 12, by signing on to a December 15, 2020 letter asking the Speaker of the House to investigate the certified election results in another state (Pennsylvania) without any factual basis that such an investigation was necessary or justified, and
  4. WHEREAS, the efforts of the President’s election team to invalidate votes in Pennsylvania offered no evidence of fraud or malfeasance and, in fact, other lawsuits regarding this issue filed by the President had been found to be without merit, and
  5. WHEREAS, all 50 states have certified the results of their elections and the Attorney General of the United States and Attorneys General of all 50 states had certified that the November 2020 election was secure and was completed without widespread or systemic fraud sufficient to question its results in ANY state, and
  6. WHEREAS, Representative Bentz knew that the letter he signed contained false allegations and knew that the President’s claim that he actually won the election was false, as confirmed by his statements to the Malheur Enterprise on January 11, 2021, reported in the article titled “Bentz’s effort to dump one state’s presidential results rested on 10,000 votes never counted,” and 
  7. WHEREAS, the objection by Representative Bentz and other members of the House of Representatives to the counting of the Electoral College votes of the state of Pennsylvania shows a callous disregard of the Constitution and of the gravity of their Oath of Office, and
  8. WHEREAS, on January 6, 2021, a mob of supporters of the President staged an insurrection, violently entered the Capitol, and attempted to stop the legal process of counting of electoral votes, and
  9. WHEREAS, on January 12, 2021, “Article I: Incitement of Insurrection” was introduced in the House of Representatives, alleging the President engaged in high crimes and misdemeanors by “inciting violence against the Government of the United States,” and
  10. WHEREAS, Representative Bentz has failed to acknowledge the President’s responsibility in fomenting insurrection and he has failed to acknowledge the danger the President and his supporters currently present to the Republic, and
  11. WHEREAS, on January 13, 2021, Representative Bentz, voted “no” on the Article of Impeachment before the House of Representatives despite overwhelming evidence the President incited violence against the Government, and
  12. WHEREAS, Representative Bentz’s actions undermine our Constitutional democracy and seek to overturn the certified votes of millions of Americans,

THEREFORE We, the Deschutes County Democratic Central Committee (DCDCC) Resolve as Follows:

  1. We publicly call for the censure and expulsion of Representative Bentz and any other Congressperson who publicly objected to the election results in Pennsylvania, without any credible evidence of irregularities and in violation of Constitutional provisions for state’s rights regarding elections.
  2. We call on Representative Bentz to resign his position as his words and actions show he cannot uphold his oath of office and he has failed to faithfully discharge his duties owed to his constituents.
  3. We direct the Chair of the Deschutes County Democratic Party to send this resolution to Representative Cliff Bentz, Oregon’s Congressional delegation, and the Democratic Party of Oregon, and to issue a press release relaying the information contained in this resolution to Oregon media.

DATED: January 14, 2021

Meet your newest elected Democrats in Deschutes County