It’s an election year!

Want to make sure Democrats win locally, win back congress in 2018, and win the presidency in 2020?

We need your help!

Of course, Greg Walden will be on the ballot. We’ll be ready. Meet Jaime McLeod-Skinner.

Oregon is also voting for governor in 2018 and Bend’s Knute Buehler is running for the Republicans. We need your help to keep Kate Brown and preserve the progress our state has made.

Deschutes County will see two of the most hotly contested races for the state legislature with no incumbents on the ballot in Bend or Redmond. Learn more about Eileen Kiely.

There will be several more state and local races on the ballot that we want you to be ready for too!

How can you prepare now?

Learn about the candidates right here on our website and follow them on social media.

Join a working group and help us be ready to get well-qualified candidates where they belong.

Be a neighborhood leader – get to know the folks in your area and get out the vote.

Check for events on our calendar where you can be involved.

Study up with our resources and find ways to engage more effectively.

And always come to our monthly meetings and bring a friend! When you do come, ask about becoming a precinct committee person.

If you're not sure where you can fit in, get in touch and we’d love to chat in person about the difference you can make!

Meet the candidates


Kate Brown

County Commission

Position 1: Amy Lowes
Position 3: James Cook


Sally Russell

US Congress, OR-2

Jamie McLeod-Skinner

House District 53

House Districts covering parts of Deschutes County

Redmond, Sunriver, and the areas surrounding Bend - aka, "the donut"

This district had been held by Republican Gene Whisnant until his retirement this year. That said, it safely votes for senators Wyden and Merkley and even passed Measure 101 to protect the ACA!

A strong, capable candidate like Eileen will bring smart leadership to this growing and important district!

Eileen Kiely

House District 54

Bend - aka, the "donut hole"

This district is split roughly in thirds by registered voter affiliation - Democrats, Republicans, and non-affiliated voters. Democrats hold a growing lead in numbers, but Republican Knute Buehler has won the seat in the last two elections, partly by setting state spending records for a campaign at this level.

This will be one of the most hotly contested races in the state this year. Knute is abandoning the seat for a vanity campaign for governor, leaving no incumbent to contest the race. A flip will give Democrats a substantial enough majority to finally overcome Republican obstruction in the state legislature. Expect big money to go to bat for the Republican candidate this year.

House District 59

Sisters and beyond

Darcy Long-Curtiss

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