Central Committee Meeting

July 22, 2018

Ponderosa Park, 225 SE 15th Street, Bend

Pursuant to call by Jason Burge, County Chair, the monthly meeting of the Deschutes Democrats was held on July 22, 2018 at Ponderosa Park following the annual picnic. Jason Burge presided.


Welcome and Introductions, Minutes and Treasurer’s update

Treasurer Steve Strang told the Central Committee that there was $9,104 in the account, with over $2000 raised that night. Chair Burge announced that funds from the picnic will go toward the Neighborhood Leader Program.


Upcoming Events

There will be a candidate Meet and Greet in Redmond on September 16 in Sam Johnson Park. It will feature all the Democratic state and local candidates for that area.

There will be a candidate booth at the Deschutes County Fair, Aug. 1 through Aug. 5. An on-line sign-up will be available for volunteers to help staff the booth.



Two resolutions were proposed for consideration:

A motion to discuss Resolution 1 was made by Thomas Wrisley. Passed by acclamation.

A motion to close debate was made by Joan Worrell, seconded by Thomas Wrisley, passed by acclamation.

A motion to consider amendments was made by Mary Ann Hart, and seconded by Jon Davidson passed by acclamation.

Oliver Tatom moved to approved Resolution 1 with amendments, seconded by Rich Gettman. The motion to close debate was made by Mike Dugan, seconded by Nancy Boever. Passed unanimously.

Resolution 1 passed with 3 abstentions.

Resolution 1

WHEREAS, Dr. Nathan Boddie has been accused of inappropriate touching of a sexual nature; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Boddie’s response to the allegation was to attack his accuser; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Boddie has made no further public statements explaining his behavior; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Boddie has refused communications with members of this committee; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Boddie’s actions do not represent the values of the Deschutes County Democratic Central Committee; now, therefore, be it RESOLVED, that the Deschutes County Democratic Party once again requests Dr. Boddie to formally withdraw his candidacy for Oregon House District 54.

A motion to discuss a second resolution and make amendments was made, seconded by Eileen Kieley. Passed by acclamation.

A motion to consider amending the resolution by replacing “equity” with “equality” was made by Cindy Morgan and seconded by Scott Burge. Passed unanimously.

The motion to accept the change was made by Bill Herz, seconded by Jon Davidson. Passed.

A motion to approve the amendments to Resolution 2 was made by Judy Stiegler, seconded by Karen Rippburger. Passed.

Mike Dugan made a motion to end discussion, seconded by Nancy Boever. Passed.

The motion to approve Resolution 2 as amended was made by Eileen Kiely, seconded by Thomas Wrisley. Passed without opposition.

A proposal was made by Liz Weltin, seconded by Gregg Heacock to release the resolutions as a news release.

The motion, made by Karen Rippburger passed unanimously.

Resolution 2

WHEREAS, The Democratic Party stands for progressive values, including equality, tolerance, and inclusivity; and

WHEREAS, the elected members of the Deschutes County Democratic Central Committee desire a candidate who demonstrates these values; and

WHEREAS, in the event of a vacancy for the Democratic nomination in House District 54, the time available to select a replacement candidate will be limited; now, therefore, be it RESOLVED, that the Deschutes County Executive Committee shall continue the process of meeting with potential candidates for HD 54.


27 PCPs, 5 others

Respectfully submitted by Laurie Gould, secretary