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Deschutes Democrats Withdraw Support For Boddie Campaign

Urges his resignation in face of additional charges of Sexual Misconduct

Based on additional information of sexual misconduct by Nathan Boddie, the Deschutes Democrats are withdrawing our support from the campaign for House District 54. The Deschutes Democrats believe that our elected officials owe our community the highest level of conduct and ethical behavior and urge Boddie to resign from the race for HD54.

Allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment should always be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. The Deschutes Democrats recognize the courage it takes for anyone to report these highly emotional and difficult situations and we salute those who step forward to demand that this horrible behavior stop.

We insist that Nathan Boddie resign so that the party can select a candidate that holds to the values of the Deschutes Democrats and HD54. Should he resign, there is a process in place to select another candidate. With the assistance of the Democratic Party of Oregon, a convention will be held to review prospective candidates that must meet the minimum qualifications to hold office. Those include:

Additional information about the application for candidacy will be forthcoming should Boddie resign. While the choice of a candidate to replace Boddie resides with the elected Precinct Committee People of HD54, the Deschutes Democrats are committed to an open, public process and will involve the community as much as possible.

July 7, 2018

For additional information contact:
Laurie Gould, Secretary
Deschutes Democrats