It is hard to believe that 2017 is winding down. This will be our last full business meeting of the year. As you all may remember, we have a Holiday Party Crock Pot Challenge for our December meeting. This year it will be on Thursday, December 14 at 6:30pm. Start prepping those recipes.

For our meeting this Thursday at the Environmental Center, we will hear from Paula Kinzer about a Clean Energy Bill Resolution. We also have Erik Horeis to discuss Ballot Measure 101. More information can be found to the right about both of these issues.

We will also be voting on a new treasurer for the organization, Steve Strang. We are excited to have him officially join the team and will need a PCP vote to confirm him.

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6:30pm Meet and Greet

7:00pm Intro, Minutes, Treasurer’s Report

7:05pm Treasurer Nomination

7:10pm Clean Energy Resolution

7:30pm Measure 101

7:40pm Neighborhood Leader Update

7:55pm Good of the Order

8:00pm Adjourn

Other items

Clean Energy Jobs Resolution

Paula Kinzer with Deschutes 350 will join us to discuss a resolution on Clean Energy Jobs. We will then vote on whether we want to support this resolution.
Clean Energy Jobs Resolution Proposal (PDF)

Measure 101

Erik Horeis will talk about Measure 101. It will be up for a vote on January 23, 2018. Click the link below for more info.
Measure 101 Information

Political Giving Tax Credits

Did you know that the state or Oregon will pay you back for your $50 or $100 donation? That’s right – to encourage grassroots giving the state will fully refund your $50 (single) or $100 (joint filing) donation on your 2017 state income tax return. Just note your donation on line 37 and take the full amount off the taxes you owe – it doesn’t matter if you take the standard deduction, this is fully refundable credit and it means that you can give us $50 or $100 at no cost to you! So, take advantage of this opportunity and help elect Democrats with your grassroots donation.

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November 9, 2017 Central Committee Meeting
Central Oregon Environmental Center, 16 NW Kansas, Bend, OR 97701

Pursuant to call by Jason Burge, County Chair, the monthly meeting of the Deschutes Democrats was held on August 10, 2017 at the Central Oregon Environmental Center, 16 NW Kansas, Bend. Oregon. Jason Burge presided.

REMINDER: The December meeting will be Thursday, Dec. 14 and it will be our fifth annual Crock Pot Challenge and Holiday Party. Start prepping those recipes now!


Treasurer Appointment

Steve Strang appointed by acclimation.


PCP Appointments

Democrats interested in being active participants in the county party can be appointed Precinct Committee People. The application form is on the website, and available through the Deschutes County Clerk’s Office. Appointed PCPs vote on the election of state committee reps, resolutions and help guide the party.


Resolution in support of Clean Energy Bill – Paula Kinzer, speaker

Deschutes County Democratic Party Environmental Quality and Sustainable Energy Caucus resolution on Clean Energy Jobs.

Paula Kinzer is with 350Deschutes, seeking support for legislation that will address climate issues in regards to jobs. Cap and invest legislation – state would create a cap for carbon emissions, (predominately the 100 biggest polluters in the state, 1/3 of businesses impacted are energy industries – oil, gas) and require a permit to continue emitting pollutants beyond the cap. The fees would support renewable energy projects across the state.

Additional information available at

A summary of SB 1070, the Senate bill that has been submitted for the February 2018 session of the legislature is available at

Amend language to document to replace Jackson County to Deschutes County

Moved, seconded and passed by acclimation.

Resolution: moved and seconded to support the resolution. Passed by acclimation.


Measure 101 (January 2018 Ballot), Erik Horeis, speaker

On January 23, 2018, voters will decide whether to approve a tax on health insurance premiums that was included in a much larger bill during the 2017 legislative session. That bill was mostly an extension of an existing tax on hospitals. It’s been used to fund health care for low-income Oregonians, and it’s been a popular funding strategy since it generates matching federal dollars.

This time around, the state faced a budget shortfall of more than $1 billion, so lawmakers expanded the formula to include a new tax on some health insurance plans and managed care organizations, and they expanded the hospital tax. Supporters said it’s needed to ensure that health coverage continues uninterrupted for people on the Oregon Health Plan, Oregon’s version of Medicaid.

However, more than enough signatures were collected to put the measure on the ballot.

Measure 101 guarantees that 95% of Oregonians maintain access to health care and reduces premiums for those who buy their own coverage. The measure is an assessment on insurance companies, hospitals and healthcare providers to ensure they are also paying into the system.

If it doesn’t pass state funding for healthcare will be cut by between $210 and $320 million, resulting in the loss of potentially $5 billion in federal funding, which will throw the state budget and funding fot low-income children, families and people with disabilities into crisis.
For more information visit

Ballot language and other information is available at Ballotpedia


Neighborhood Leader Program Update, Jon Davidson

There are currently over 200 Neighborhood Leaders. They are currently involved in informing their neighborhoods about the candidates running against Greg Walden in Congressional District 2, supporting Measure 101, and expanding the program to include non-affiliated voters as well as Democrats. There will be opportunities to talk with neighborhood progressives in the run-up to the primaries in May.


Good of the Order

Indivisible having a session about Ballot Measure 101. Check the Deschutes Democrats website and Facebook page for more details.


13 PCPs, 22 others

Respectfully submitted by Laurie Gould, acting secretary