When Bill O’Reilly’s predatory perversions came to light (again) we didn’t call and plead with Bill-O or Fox News – we called the advertisers who supported them.
Similarly, we must call on the people who support the members of congress who are enabling this horrid administration of dunces and deplorables.
Support for these cruel policies – whether sabotaging Obamacare or giving comfort to racists – must be rendered toxic or they’ll keep trying. Next year, Social Security “reform” while Trump continues to act out?
It doesn’t matter if the likes of Comcast gives to Walden only hoping to gut Net Neutrality – that is enabling support for the whole agenda. Call them and every other entity who sponsors these politicians and tell them what is important to you.
This is one thing where it doesn’t matter where you live or who represents you. You can call on Marco Rubio’s donors if you have time!
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