What an amazing May performance for local dems on the ballot.  Our endorsed slate won 8 out of 10 races in the May election thanks to an energized local base.  I will admit that I was a little tired after the election and I know that I am not alone.

Beyond all of the hard work done locally, the 24 hour news cycle with one breaking story after another has really started to have an effect. It can be draining and taxing on one’s soul.  Today, former FBI Director, James Comey will speak.  We have seen his opening statement already released and today will be another wild news day.

Summer is also here and we know that many people are out of town or too busy enjoying the great weather.  Today, is overcast and maybe this is a sign that we should celebrate.  I am planning on bringing my outdoor grill and making up some hot dogs, some bison chili, chips, and cookies.

The agenda will be light.  Celebrate May Elections, get a financial report, sign up anyone that wants to be a PCP, and talk with friends about local, state, and federal politics.  We have some big races coming up and we want to talk about those too.  As one election concludes, the next one is right around the corner.

If this sounds interesting then join us at the Environmental Center (16 NW Kansas) in downtown Bend at 6:30pm tonight (June 8).  Thank you again for helping to make Deschutes County Blue and a beacon in Central Oregon.



We are working on putting together a fundraising committee.  We spent just over $2000 in the May Elections and it worked.  We need to fill the coffers so if you are interested in helping fundraise, please reply to this message.  If you can donate, then please follow the link.

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Deschutes Grassroots is a new website that is “your guide to Central Oregon’s progressive community and events.”  Take a look and find an event in town.

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