Want to make sure Democrats win locally this May (update: we did!), win back congress in 2018, and win the presidency in 2020?

We need your help!

Of course, Greg Walden will be on the ballot. We’ll be ready.

But Oregon is also voting for governor in 2018 and Bend’s Knute Buehler is expected to run for the Republicans.

There will be several more state and local races on the ballot that we want you to be ready for.


How can you prepare now?

Join a working group and help us be ready to get well-qualified candidates where they belong.

Be a neighborhood leader – get to know the folks in your area and get out the vote.

Check for events on our calendar where you can be involved.

Study up with our resources and find ways to engage more effectively.

And always come to our monthly meetings and bring a friend! When you do come, ask about becoming a precinct committee person.


For now, please bear with us as this website is being built – in the meantime, get in touch and we’d love to chat in person about the difference you can make!