We meet on February 9th from 6:30 to 8pm at The Environmental Center in downtown Bend at 16 NW Kansas Ave.


RSVP optional via Facebook here: https://facebook.com/events/1615388432104092

For questions, comments, or to request time at our next meeting, email the chair at chair@deschutes.oregondemocrats.org


Message from the Chair:

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions.  Since our last meeting in January, we watched as 5000 people marched peacefully in Bend on a snowy and icy winter day.  Numerous groups have sprouted up in response to a President whose message is not resonating in Deschutes County.  Each of these groups are shocked as 50 to 100 people are gathering and asking what they can do to make a difference.  I have personally had over a dozen one on one meetings with individuals that want to get involved or asking what they can do to make a difference.  The leadership of the Deschutes Democrats have attended these meetings and are excited at the energy that we are seeing over the last few months.

The Deschutes Democrats will meet on Thursday, February 9 at 6:30pm (social) and 7pm (business) at the Environmental Center (16 NW Kansas) in downtown Bend.  As we would like to increase participation at our meetings, we have heard that one impediment to participate is that these events are not child-friendly.  We have reserved the adjoining room for our meeting and will have a volunteer hanging out with kids during the business meeting.  This is a first so please reply to this message if you would like to participate in this trial run.  Our meetings end around 8pm.

We will start off the meeting by explaining the role of the local party and how we fit into the state party and national level politics.  We will then tell you about the most effective program that we believe has the greatest local impact, the Neighborhood Leader Program.  We were one of the first counties in Oregon to start this program and now there is an effort to bring it to the rest of the state of Oregon.  Then, we will dive right into a working group meeting where we will focus on the areas where the Deschutes Democrats can have the greatest impact.  These groups are WALDEN, Media and Messaging, Local Races, and Education.  Our goal will be to address strengths and weaknesses in these areas and to develop actionable items moving forward.  We are looking for your ideas, passion, and perspectives to help strengthen our party.

Speaking of actionable items, we recently posted an event on our Facebook page to meet TONIGHT outside of Greg Walden’s office (Bond and Greenwood) at 5pm to protest his immigration ideas and desire to spend our taxpayer dollars on a Trump Wall.  The Chamber of Commerce will be across the street at the Deschutes Brewery talking immigration.  We want them to hear from us too.  In addition, we will also continue to demand that Congressman Walden shows up in Bend for an announced town hall that is open to the public and to hear from us.  Bring your Where’s Walden red and white beanies and striped shirts.  We will also have a contest for the best sign so be sure to check us out.  Here is a link: https://actionnetwork.org/events/wheres-waldo-on-immigration-protest-bond-greenwood

Finally, we are extremely excited to announce a partnership with EMERGE Oregon to hold a one- day candidate boot camp here in Bend on Saturday, February 18 at the Environmental Center.    Jillian Schoene, the Executive Director for EMERGE, is flying into Bend for the training and this is an absolute must for anyone that is thinking about running in the May elections or in the future or wants to help manage a campaign.  EMERGE was established to identify, train, and encourage Democratic women to run for office, get elected, and to seek higher office.  Follow the link to sign-up and encourage your friends who just need a little nudge to participate.  This event is extremely empowering!


Hope to see you, your friends, and your families a couple times this week!


Deschutes Democrats Agenda

February 9, 2017

6:30pm     Meet and Greet

7:00pm     Welcome, Introductions, Minutes, and Treasurer’s Report

7:05pm     Deschutes County Democrats and Democratic Party of Oregon Overview

7:15pm     Neighborhood Leader Program

7:25pm     Working Groups (Walden, Media and Messaging, Local Races, and Education)

7:45pm     Report Back to Group

7:57pm     Good of the Order

8:00pm     Adjourn and Return badges, chairs, and tables