It was a beautiful, but frigid night tonight as we elected our new leadership!

Wayne Kinney presided over the nominations and votes – and sadly announced his retirement. We’ve all appreciated his wisdom, hard work, and cheer and consider ourselves lucky to have had one of the ablest Oregon Democrats here in our own backyard.

The official minutes follow:


January 12, 2017 Central Committee Meeting

Deschutes County Campaign Office, 1183 NW Wall St., Bend, OR 97701


Pursuant to call by Jason Burge, County Chair, the monthly meeting of the Deschutes Democrats was held on January 12, 2017 at the 1183 NW Wall, Bend. Oregon. Chair Jason Burge presided.


Minutes/Treasurer’s Report

Minutes approved. Treasurer’s Report approved: Current funding: $6,956.76


2017 Reorganization

Jason Berge nominated Wayne Kinney acting chair for the reorganization of Deschutes County Democrats

Meryl Ibis seconded.

Approved by acclamation.



Candidates: Jason Burge, nominated by Meryl Ibis

Mike Dugan moved nominates closed, Ibis seconded

Dugan moved elected by acclamation, Bruce Humphrys second, approved

Elected: Jason Burge


First Vice Chair

Candidates: Meryl Ibis

Dugan moved nominations closed, Marlene Barnett seconded, approved

Elected: Meryl Ibis


Second Vice Chair

Candidates: Jon Davidson

Dugan moved closed, Phil Philiben seconded

Davidson elected by acclamation



Candidates: David Burge, nominated by Dave Paulson, seconded by Marlene Barnett

Mike Dugan moved to close the nominations, Marlene Barnett seconded

David Burge elected by acclamation



Jodie Cee

Dugan moved to close the nominations, Barnett second

Jodie Cee elected by acclamation


State Central Committee Delegates



Jason Burge, chair

Meryl Ibis, first vice-chair

Andrew Blum

Ross Centers

Suellen Curkendal




Jon Davidson, second vice-chair

Laurie Gould

Bill Herz

Marlene Barnett

Judy Stiegler


2nd Congressional District



B.J. Thomas

Eileen Kiely

Adam Miller

Phil Philiben

Jodi Litthales


Jason Burge moved nominations closed, Meryl Ibis seconded

Slate elected by acclimation.



Eli Ashley

Jon Davidson

Peter Kumen

Meryl Ibis

Gail Kamna

Jason Burge moved nominations closed, Meryl Ibis seconded.

Slate elected by acclimation.


PCP Appointments

Andrew Blum, Precinct 21, Redmond, appointed as a PCP

Adam Miller, Precinct 34, Bend, appointed as a PCP

Lee Morgan, Precinct tbd, Bend, appointed as a PCP


Neighborhood Leader Program

DPO has announced that the NLP program will be supported state-wide. Jon Davidson, NLP coordinator for Deschutes County, will help develop and implement guidelines for counties starting the program.


For the good of the order

Women’s March, January 21, 2017

Drake Park, 11 a.m. to Crow’s Feet Commons

Check on Facebook


MLK Day, Monday, Jan. 16

Go to

Look for orange bar to see opportunities to volunteer MLK Day



26 PCPs, 22 others

Respectfully submitted by Laurie Gould, secretary